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  • Earn ON Points

    There are many ways to earn points, from buying your faves online to sharing your feedback with us.

  • Move ON up

    Once you earn a certain amount of points, you move up another tier to enjoy more rewards and benefits.

  • Enjoy ON benefits

    Each tier unlocks bigger and better benefits, like discounts, free shipping, and vouchers.

How you're getting ON

Check in on your Pulze ON account and see your tier,
your rewards, and how long til you move up another.

Pulze ON Tiers

Each new tier you climb unlocks more benefits, so make your way up by earning Pulze ON points every time you shop and share, and see your progress in your account.

Easily earn ON Points

Here's how to collect more points with your everyday activities

  • By taking part

    Earn points when you take our surveys, or through interacting with us on specific social posts or at events.

  • By shopping online

    Whenever you order from Pulze.com you earn points on everything you buy, from iDs to accessories.

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